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Welcome to the London VC Fellowship

The London Venture Capital Fellowship is an immersive 12-week program that equips aspiring investors with the knowledge, networks, and skills to excel in the world of venture capital.

Our fellows collaborate directly with startups and venture capitalists, gaining hands-on experience and forging valuable connections. By engaging with global trends and learning from leading industry experts, LVCN Fellows gain insights into innovation and the investment process while becoming equipped to influence the future of investment.

Our previous cohort members have come from a variety of backgrounds ranging form first and second year students, to recent graduates, MBAs, and even PhDs. They have gone on to secure internships and full time offers at world-class investment and tech firms, including at some of our VC Partner firms.

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Week 1


Week 4

VC Fellow Startup Pitch

Week 7

Deal Structuring, Term Sheets, and Raising Capital

Week 10

Final Fellow Presentation

Week 2

VC Fundamentals + VC office visit

Week 5

VC Investment Thesis and Strategy

Week 8

Portfolio Management

Week 11

VC Fellow Event 1

Week 3

Startup Evaluation & Due Diligence

Week 6

Deal Sourcing & Screening

Week 9

Investment Memos

Week 12

VC Fellow Event 2

London VC Fellowship Alumni
Cohort I:   2021 - 2022
Cohort II:  2022 - 2023
Cohort III
: 2023 - 2024
Our Fellows have worked at
Antler Global

Michael Tye

“My experience as a Venture Capital Fellow has been life changing! Being able to work alongside and be mentored by real VC Partners and Analysts opened my eyes into this exciting new field. But most crucially, I found an amazing community of like-minded individuals which will stay with me for life!"

Programme Details

What will I learn by joining?

You will learn everything you need to know to break into a VC firm. Our programme is highly interactive and includes office visits, setting up your own VC events and doing all the standard research, presentations, investment memos, and more. Each week, Fellows will be required to submit assignments. At LVCN, we emphasise our core verticals (found on home page) and encourage broad exposure to both VC firms and startups.

Will this be in person or virtual?

We aim to provide the highest quality VC Fellowship with one in person session per week in central London. Attendance is mandatory.

How will this help my career development?

Students take away various things from the VC Fellowship and learn about all aspects of securing a job including CV assistance, mentorship and connections to VC Partners. Several VC Fellows have successfully broken into the competitive world of Venture Capital through the programme.

How is the Fellowship funded?

To provide the highest value we hire some of the VC speakers, we rely on charging a fee. Scholarships are available for exceptional applicants on an as-needed basis. This is possible because of our fantastic sponsor firms. Past participants have been impressed by the value of the Fellowship.

How many Fellows per Cohort?

This can vary. Cohort III aims to bring on 20 of the best students and graduates in London.

Am I guaranteed a VC job or internship if I join?

No! But we will provide you the necessary tools to achieve your dream career in VC, including the chance to interview with some of our incredibly supportive VC Partner firms. On top of that, we will provide you with a network of passionate individuals who are eager to support you on your journey into the space.

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