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Coaching that works: Bloom

Enter the realm of Bloom Coaching, a powerhouse founded in 2022 by visionaries Alistair Crane and Jamie True. Their mission? To democratize personal and professional development, making growth accessible to all. This article takes you behind the scenes, introducing you to the brains driving Bloom's success and the innovative approach that sets it apart from competitors like LifeSpring Coaching, PeakPotentials Training, and MindGrowth Academy. Join us on this exploration of how Bloom Coaching is turning aspirations into reality, one personalized coaching session at a time. Get ready to discover the extraordinary in your journey to personal triumph!

Written by: Tanay Sonawane, Varshith Uppalapati and Jasper Wigley



In 2022, Bloom Coaching was founded by CEO Alistair Crane and co-founder Jamie True, driven by a vision to dismantle the elitist barriers of traditional career coaching. Motivated by Crane's personal experiences and the transformative impact of mentorship, they set out to democratise professional development. Bloom was conceived as a revolutionary platform aimed at making personalised, experience-driven coaching accessible to all, leveraging AI and behavioural science to offer daily growth opportunities. This initiative reflects their commitment to fostering career advancement and personal development for individuals at every career stage, aiming to inspire users with actionable insights from a diverse group of industry leaders and influencers.


At the heart of Bloom Coaching's ambitious journey is a leadership and advisory team that combines innovation with experience.

Spearheaded by CEO Alistair Crane and co-founder Jamie True, the organisation boasts a diverse team culled from some of the most influential companies worldwide. This includes talent from Airbnb, The New York Times, Masterclass, Unilever, Salesforce, and Microsoft, marking a confluence of expertise across sectors ranging from technology and media to consumer goods and software.

Crane and True are no strangers to the entrepreneurial scene, with a commendable track record of successful exits in both Europe and North America. Their history of scaling businesses is not just a testament to their strategic acumen but also underscores their ability to navigate the complexities of global markets. It is this blend of innovation, strategic execution, and market insight that Bloom Coaching leverages as it sets its sights on scaling operations and impacting the coaching industry.

The Advisory Board for Bloom Coaching includes notable figures in corporate leadership and strategic advising. David Langman, serving as the Chief People Officer at Goldman Sachs, contributes his extensive knowledge of organizational dynamics and talent management.

Accompanying him are Q Hamirani and L David Kingsley, who have significant experience in leading People functions at Airbnb and Salesforce, respectively. Together, this group offers a wealth of expertise in developing talent and guiding organizational culture, enriching Bloom Coaching with their strategic insights.


Bloom Coaching stands as a transformative force in the landscape of personal and professional development, offering a personalised pathway to unlocking individual potential. With its custom-tailored coaching plans, it addresses the unique journey of each person, focusing on both personal aspirations and professional ambitions.


At the heart of Bloom Coaching's effectiveness are its expert coaches. These certified professionals bring a wealth of experience across various disciplines such as life coaching, career development, and wellness. Their approach is characterised by compassion and motivation, guiding individuals towards achieving their full potential.


What sets Bloom Coaching apart is its commitment to holistic development. It integrates key aspects of personal growth, including emotional intelligence, resilience, and work-life balance, ensuring individuals thrive in all areas of their lives. The flexibility of coaching modes—ranging from one-on-one sessions to virtual coaching—makes it accessible for everyone, regardless of their lifestyle or location.


Bloom Coaching also emphasises the importance of continuous support and accountability, offering ongoing encouragement and feedback. This approach helps individuals stay on track towards their goals, overcoming any challenges along the way. Moreover, the sense of community and networking within Bloom Coaching offers additional layers of support, allowing individuals to share experiences and learn from others.


The benefits of engaging with Bloom Coaching are profound. Individuals not only achieve their personal and professional goals but also gain enhanced self-awareness and improved well-being. This leads to empowered decision-making and a more fulfilled, balanced life.


In summary, Bloom Coaching is more than just a coaching service; it's a partnership dedicated to nurturing growth and success. It offers a comprehensive, flexible, and supportive environment for individuals to flourish, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to enhance their life and realise their full potential.


In the dynamic field of personal and professional development, Bloom Coaching has carved out a distinctive niche with its personalised, holistic approach to growth. To understand its positioning and competitive edge, it's insightful to analyse it in relation to three of its competitors: LifeSpring Coaching, PeakPotentials Training, and MindGrowth Academy. Each of these services brings its unique offerings to the market, but when contrasted with Bloom Coaching, various strengths and opportunities for differentiation become apparent.

LifeSpring Coaching

LifeSpring Coaching specialises in life transitions, focusing on individuals undergoing significant changes in their personal or professional lives. Its primary offering is support during these periods of transformation, emphasising emotional resilience and adaptability.


While LifeSpring Coaching concentrates on life transitions, Bloom Coaching offers a broader spectrum of services that not only include transition support but also cater to ongoing personal and professional development. Bloom's holistic approach, which encompasses emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and life balance, provides a more comprehensive growth journey compared to LifeSpring's specialised focus.


PeakPotentials Training

PeakPotentials Training is known for its high-energy, seminar-based training programs aimed at unlocking personal and financial success. It leverages large-scale events and motivational speaking to inspire change, primarily targeting individuals seeking rapid improvements in their financial and personal success metrics.


Unlike PeakPotentials' emphasis on large seminars and financial success, Bloom Coaching prioritises personalised, one-on-one or small group sessions tailored to individual goals across all aspects of life. This bespoke approach ensures that clients receive guidance that is specifically suited to their unique circumstances, offering a more nuanced and sustained model of personal development.


MindGrowth Academy

MindGrowth Academy offers a digital-first approach to personal development, with a vast library of online courses and resources focusing on skills such as mindfulness, productivity, and mental health. Its strength lies in its accessibility and the breadth of topics covered.


While MindGrowth Academy excels in providing a wide range of self-paced learning materials, Bloom Coaching differentiates itself with a more interactive and personalised coaching experience. Bloom’s model incorporates direct engagement with coaches, accountability measures, and a community aspect that digital courses alone may not offer. This hands-on approach facilitates deeper personal transformation and sustained growth.


In comparison to LifeSpring Coaching, PeakPotentials Training, and MindGrowth Academy, Bloom Coaching distinguishes itself through its comprehensive, personalised coaching services that cater to a broad spectrum of personal and professional development needs. Unlike its competitors, Bloom Coaching offers a blend of one-on-one coaching, group workshops, and a supportive community, all tailored to the individual's specific goals and life situation. This holistic, flexible approach ensures that clients receive not just guidance but also the accountability and support necessary to achieve sustained growth and success.

The power of personal coaching is key to the growth of Edtech. Bloom coaching is driving this trend forward, and we do expect a significant growth in how personal coaching impacts our lives in the next few years.

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